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BrainCoins is a STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) centered system meticulously crafted to present tests representing outcomes outlined in school curriculums, ensuring a comprehensive and educationally enriching experience. At this time we model the Texas Science curriculum Grades 1 through 12 and are continuously expanding our offerings to meet your needs.



Brandy says she personally improved from 10% to 100%. She can't wait to see what BrainCoins does for her boys!

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BrainCoins uses multiple methods to stimulate the senses to enhance learning and gamifies the assessments to make learning fun. Try it out for yourself with our US State Capitals assessments or book a demonstration with one of our Onboarding Educational Consultants.

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BrainCoins is a revolutionary program born in 1980 thanks to the vision of Dave Smith. As a former officer in the Canadian Army Reserve, Mr. Smith held a variety of roles, including instructor and curriculum designer. He founded Canada Training Group, a technical college that continues to thrive today under the able leadership of his son, Rob Smith. Since 1987, Canada Training Group has been on a mission to assess the confidence level of engineering professionals. Their assessment measures an employee’s knowledge, skills, and experience, helping them identify specific human development and industry needs. Now, this is where things get interesting. The story of BrainCoins begins as we delve into its intellectual research and development side, which emerged from the project known as Dolphin87.

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BrainCoins aims to transform the K-12 school experience, enabling students to absorb knowledge faster and ensure it sticks. To kick things off, BrainCoins took on the ambitious task of modeling the entire Texas science curriculum from grades 1 through 12. This incredible effort enables students in every grade level to quickly hear and learn various concepts covered by the curriculum.

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Consequences? Well, they’re not weird at all. An initial study involving various volunteers and a standardized test proved the incredible power of BrainCoins. For example, Sean, an 81-year-old retired schoolteacher jumped from 0% to a full 100% in just six minutes! Mykos, a 12-year-old Ukrainian immigrant, shot from 0% to an impressive 96%, while his mother Lesya improved from 48% to 84%. Lesya repeated her result of 84% six days later. demonstrating measurable acquisition and retention. Ethan, a 20-year-old university student, jumped from 36% to 100%, and five days later still maintained 92% while Chloe, a 12-year-old Canadian student, achieved a similar turnaround, from 28% to 100%. Mario, an immigrant from Honduras, went from 28% to an impressive 88%. Preston, a 12-year-old from Texas, saw his score increase from 36% to a perfect 100%. His mother started with a low 25% but quickly improved to an impressive 95% on her second attempt.

These may be small numbers, but they shine like diamonds because of consistent and impressive growth. But that’s not all. BrainCoins isn’t just for learning; It is designed as a practical game. It uses an instant rewards system to gamify the curriculum. BrainCoins has a treasure chest that stores your progress and gives you a clear record of your learning journey. Additionally, the system allows parents to define a set of rewards they will provide to their child for particular coin collection milestones and kids can withdraw their coins to collect.

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Welcome to BrainCoins It’s a game-changer for effortless learning in grades 1 through 12. It’s not your typical curriculum—it’s a gamified experience where understanding complex topics happens in a flash. With BrainCoins, you’re not just absorbing information; You participate in an exciting game where every bit of knowledge you acquire brings a reward your way, turning the whole learning process into an exciting quest. It is a roadmap to your educational journey that’s as exciting as it is enlightening.

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“Hey there! Meet BrainCoins, your new fun buddy who makes school stuff a breeze! Think of it as a cool game tool for all kids from grades 1 to 12. It’s like having a magic helper that lets you learn super fast and easy. But wait, there’s more! With BrainCoins, learning isn’t just easy; it’s crazy fun! You get awesome rewards (think of them as treasures!) that make you want to learn even more. Plus, it keeps count of all your coins, mapping out your epic learning adventure.


BrainCoins is a cool program that makes learning in school super easy.  The program gamifies grades 1 to 12.  



It’s like a magic trick that helps students!

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BrainCoins is not just about learning; it’s like a fun game! You earn rewards, like treasure, to make learning even more exciting! And it keeps track of all your coins, like a treasure map for your learning journey.

 It’s a super cool way to learn new things!