Media Kit

Our Mission

At BrainCoins, we’re on a mission to revolutionize cognitive development and learning experiences. We strive to empower students with innovative and engaging educational programs, fostering confidence, skills, and a lifelong love for learning.


Provide high quality questions covering the learning outcomes of the various educational curriculums of Canada and the United States to facilitate learning and retention of required material in a fun and easy way for students.
In addition, to provide an opportunity for students with the time and interest to work on a career track while in school by providing high quality questions for students of any age to learn a range of interesting subjects from medicine to science to arts at an affordable price.


Dr. Andres Maldonado

"BrainCoins is an innovative project with a totally new perspective of learning, which is based on new methods that seek to leave behind archaic methods and to adapt to any kind of student. Very happy to be part of this amazing project "

Dr. Elizabeth Onyinye Mbata

"... I had the opportunity to experience how the BrainCoins system works, and it was very impressive. The platform serves as a conduit to quick and retentive learning. Within a few minutes of doing the exercise on the platform, I was able to learn each US state and their capitals. I believe BrainCoins will serve as a very useful learning tool for students all over the world. "

Dr. Rocio Foltran

"The BrainCoins system is a very interesting project dedicated to help students learn and memorize new information. I find it a very nice approach that includes different types of stimuli to engage with students and help them with attention and retention of memories. I was surprised to see I could improve my knowledge of State’s capital cities with a short time dedication, and I think there’s a real potential in this kind of system. I'm eager to see how much it can improve and how much it can help young kids with their studies. "

Dr. Simei Quevedo

"BrainCoins emerges as a novel platform that allows students to master the pillars of medical knowledge in a complete and agile way. Its user-friendly interface allows learners to grasp the fundamentals of medicine quickly. "

Dr. Eduardo Ramos

"It was a great experience during the exercises at BrainCoins system. Hearing and practice give a great preparation to complete the exercises and learn different topics. Also, it’s important to mention that the system is very easy to use. Very effective. "