The Education System

Seeing your child underachieve in school or feeling stuck is heartbreaking.

Many students – and parents — struggle with science, math, and other subjects because they never learned the basic principles in elementary school.

You worry that teachers are struggling to create lesson plans that will resonate with students with different learning styles and comprehension levels.

You want them to reach their potential, gain confidence, and look forward to going to school each morning. But right now, you’re worried they’re feeling they don’t have what it takes to be successful.

Fiscal Reality

Let’s face it. We’re all feeling the budget crunch and that includes schools for everything from supplies to teachers. 

BrainCoins includes “Find Out More” and “Why is This The Correct Answer” buttons for the curious child. Our ultimate goal is to become the ultimate resource for teachers and kids.

Some Teachers

Teaching is often considered one of the most challenging professions, faced with difficult students, uninvolved parents, extensive hours for modest compensation, rigid curriculums that limit instructional creativity, constant emphasis on tests and preparation, and administrative oversight by individuals with limited, if any, classroom experience dictating educational methods.

BrainCoins wants to take some of the load off by reinforcing the basics and allowing teachers to do what they do best – bring the material alive for the students.

Some example input from some teachers on classrooms today are provided below.

My friend spent two years teaching ninth and tenth grade English, during which she encountered an exceptionally arrogant and entitled student who behaved as though he ruled the school. His conduct was marked by rudeness, disruption, and cruelty. Despite repeated attempts to communicate with his parents about his behavior, my friend’s concerns were consistently ignored. Seeking help from the administration only led to dismissive advice to endure the situation without complaint. The situation escalated dramatically when the student submitted a clearly plagiarized essay and received a failing grade. He reacted violently in class, assaulting my friend. The student’s father was a powerful attorney and both the administration and the legal community were unsupportive. She chose to resign from her position and move on from the ordeal.

To all the students who were known for their quiet presence and diligent work ethic, this message is for you. You, who might have felt invisible in the hustle of the classroom, blending into the background, never causing a stir. You, who consistently submitted your assignments without demanding extra attention. You may have thought you went unnoticed, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. We saw you, appreciated you, and cared deeply. Regrettably, the challenges posed by more disruptive peers often diverted our attention away from you, something we wish could have been different. You were the reason we found the strength to keep teaching, despite the difficulties. You’ve left a lasting impression on us, and we often find ourselves wondering about your journey. Did you achieve those dreams we quietly hoped you would chase? The aspirations you held close, did you reach them? We sincerely hoped to offer you a more supportive and enriching school experience, far removed from any negativity. Please know, you were valued, you made a difference, and you are most certainly not forgotten.

There was a time when teaching was regarded with great esteem, with students knowing to maintain their behavior even beyond their parents’ watchful eyes. Nowadays, however, the profession faces numerous challenges that have lessened its appeal. Teachers navigate through a landscape marked by difficult students, indifferent parents, exhaustive work hours with insufficient compensation, rigid curriculums that constrain their teaching methods, exhaustive emphasis on testing, and administrative bodies often lacking direct classroom experience yet dictating educational strategies. Additionally, there’s a tendency to overlook serious student misconduct to avoid confrontation. These hurdles have understandably led to a significant number of educators reevaluating their commitment to the field.

Some Students

Throughout the numerous years spent in the educational journey, it’s inevitable to come across teachers who leave a lasting positive impact, sparking inspiration and excitement within you. Equally, there are moments when one might face teachers who are challenging, unkind, or even negatively influential in ways that can be considered toxic.

BrainCoins wants to provide a base for kids and help them excel regardless of the type of teacher they encounter.

Some example input from some students on teachers today are provided below.

My teacher told my mom that I’d always be below average.

My fifth grade science teacher was super supportive. She always made time for students to ask questions outside of class and we had really good discussions about anything we queried her on. She also understood when I was super sick for a week and let me make up assignments and a test I missed. 

I experienced a chorus instructor who appeared intent on embarrassing students. While everyone in the class enjoyed singing, it was clear not all of us were destined to be pop stars. We were there to learn about music and enhance our vocal skills. However, this teacher had a habit of picking students out to sing a line solo, only to mock and insult them, often to the point of tears.

Our Vision

We know how frustrating it can be for your child to learn with so many distractions in the classroom. BrainCoins has a proven way for them to master the basics at their own pace so they can concentrate on next-level learning.

Our Team

Dave Smith

Dave founded Canada training group and has created many successful training courses across a range of subjects including leadership, technical and electrical courses

Jackie Lee

Vice President

Jackie has a Bachelor of Science degree specializing in Computing Science and spent quite a number of years working on Naval training software

Lesya Drahula

Program Designer

Lesya has a Masters in Electrical Engineering and has worked in industry for many years. She is now Our Lead program designer for BrainCoins.

Jackson Frank

Software Designer

Jackson has a Bachelor of Science degree with specialization in Computing Science. He has worked in the field for a number of years and is our lead software designer for BrainCoins.

Our Values

At BrainCoins, we believe in the transformative power of education.

We understand the importance of collaboration, integrity, and continuous improvement in creating an environment where students can thrive.

Our Pedigree

Our Educational Pedigree

Our founder, Dave Smith, has extensive experience in lesson planning and curriculum design. He established Canada Training Group in 1980 and has personally trained over 5,000 students in small groups of 10 to 12.

Canada Training Group has trained over 25,000 individuals with a focus on personalized, quality education in diverse courses led by experienced instructors.

Our STEM Pedigree

Our founder, Dave Smith, established Canada Training Group in 1980. 

Canada Training Group has a rich STEM training history having trained over 25,000 individuals in technical and engineering specialties with experience throughout North America and internationally.

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BrainCoins is tailored for students in grades K-12, which means we’re here to support your children throughout their educational journey within these grade levels.

BrainCoins is a high speed cognitive development system with superb neurologically proven results in cognitive acquisition and retention. Our curriculum design team has meticulously developed programs following standard education curricula. This ensures a comprehensive and educationally enriching experience with designed gamification to enhance student motivation.

We have over four decades of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) teaching experience and our BrainCoins Learning Rocket provides our students with thousands of STEM questions, including 30 Level and Advanced Placement tests.

It’s our inherent ability to absorb knowledge through our experiences and senses while also harnessing that information to generate new insights and understanding.

BrainCoins is a quick way to master the state capitals and we decided these assessments would be a great way for people to try out our system. Find more information at or take a ride on the learning rocket and start the US States Capitals assessments now by clicking here. It’s absolutely free to try.

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Of course! Many kids enjoy learning and improving their skills, and BrainCoins is a great tool to do so!

A Personal Education Advisor or PA serves as our dedicated ambassador, proudly representing our brand and introducing parents and their children to our exceptional system.

Certainly, you absolutely can! Just reach out to our office and they will provide you with expert guidance. Another PA will walk you through our product’s advantages and our straightforward recruitment process.

Send an email to with PA RECRUITMENT in the title.

No. Each of our Personal Education Advisors are assigned a particular school in their community, and areas are intended to be non-competitive.

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Teachers, you can add your own Assessments to BrainCoins!

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  • Ensure the first answer is the correct answer
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  • Include the SUBJECT, GRADE LEVEL, ASSESSMENT AREA ex: Science, Grade 5, Matter and Energy: Classify and Describe Matter using Observable Physical Properties
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