Our Stem Pedigree

Established in 1980 by Dave Smith, a distinguished Canadian army cadet leader. Over 25,000 students trained with a focus on personalized, quality education in diverse courses led by experienced instructors.

Training Excellence

Canada Training Group has a rich STEM training history having trained over 25,000 individuals in technical and engineering specialties with experience throughout North America and internationally.

Comprehensive Electrical Industry Training

Canada Training Group provides testing, maintenance, engineering and troubleshooting training throughout the electrical industry from all types of generation, including nuclear, solar and wind power, through all transmission and distribution systems, to final utilization throughout industry and the military, including a 30-year naval training contract.

Advanced Expertise in Systems Maintenance

Canada Training Group provides advanced training in the testing, maintenance and troubleshooting of complex electronic, electrical, mechanical, and electromechanical systems.


Canada Training Group is authorized to award CEUs by the Engineering Institute of Canada.


Canada Training Group is now owned and managed by Rob Smith.

Centuries Of Experience Services Group, Inc.

In 2014, for his educational achievements, the Mensa Education and Research Foundation awarded Dave both the International Copper Black Award for Creative Achievement and the Intellectual Benefits to Society Award for “Exceptional Commitment to Encouraging Intelligence that Benefits Society”.