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Our Gifted Program

Our gifted curricula is developed under the watchful eye of our subject matter experts to ensure quality material is presented. 

We aim to stimulate the minds of those children who want to work beyond the classroom in an entertaining manner that also has good retention results.

Our gifted program is based on our knowledge that millions of gifted schoolchildren are held behind by their schoolmates.

Imagine a Volkswagen and a Ferrari both waiting side-by-side at an intersection waiting for the red light to change. When the light changes and both drivers hit the gas, the Ferrari will soon be out of sight.

Unfortunately, for most gifted students, they are restricted to the speed of their classmates.

Our gifted program enables any student to race through the standard school curricula at their speed and then begin university studies while still in grade or high school.

There are many stories of students who have done exactly that, including a young man in California who completed his law degree during high school, and then passed the bar exam immediately out of high school. At 18 he became a practicing attorney.

Not all students choosing the gifted program will be able to complete a degree, but most should be able to complete several years towards a degree.

Being gifted is not a necessity to earn a degree; being smart is important but being determined and disciplined are far more important!

Choosing a program on our gifted curricula path will prove to the student that this is a field of study that they love and want to continue in, or that in fact that they do not have any interest in it. This will allow them to change and try something else, saving unbelievable amounts of time and cost from selecting the wrong program at university.

The other benefit is that university entrance examiners welcome students who have already completed degrees and will be hard-pressed to reject any student who applies with years of completed subject work.

Even if the student has to repeat material they have already commanded it could allow them to generate funds from activities as tutors to their fellow students. In addition, their prior study should allow them easily to be in the top echelon of their classes.

It is an unfortunate fact that many highly accomplished high school graduates are not able to handle the pressure of university and return home with the stigma of failure or worse. Easily having great marks will help to reduce these pressures.

Our founder, Dave Smith, is a member of two international gifted associations, Mensa and Intertel.

During school, he understood what teachers were saying but his mind was largely wandering outside of the classroom. With low auditory retention, and his same wandering mind impeding his learning from textbooks, his report cards were full of D’s and C’s.

It was eye-opening for him, at 35, to challenge the Mensa test, score in the top 1% and then wonder how many others were like him.

There are about 50 million US students, which equates to 1 million gifted students, and millions more, who with determination and fortitude, can achieve whatever they want.

Additionally, there are tens of millions of students who want to do better with their grades, or get into better schools, and many other millions who dislike, or even hate, school as it is.

Our societal cost of this lost talent is incomprehensible.

BrainCoins has been created to help students pass exams using multiple stimuli.

We currently have five medical doctors, a neuroscientist and two veterinary doctors as curricula advisors. These doctors have all challenged the KNOWAmerica test and none scored above 25%; within minutes using our Learning Rocket they were all at 100%. (If you would be interested in joining our Advisory Board we would love to hear from you.)