Our Educational Pedigree

Early Cadet Years (1966-1969)

In 1966, our founder, Dave Smith, was 14 and a second-year Canadian army cadet

(a program identical to the JROTC program.)

In this role, and for the next three years, he was responsible for teaching a variety of higher order training programs for cadets junior to him.

Physical Education Leadership (1969)

In 1968 and 1969, he spent both summers at six-week cadet camps, learning lesson planning, course development and curriculum design.


On his return in September 1969, he was a qualified Physical Education and Recreation Instructor tasked with creating a curriculum consisting of four ten-month phys-ed training programs, one for each of the four Cadet levels.


In addition, he was the Grade 3 gym teacher, responsible for the years’ curriculum and instruction.

Commissioned Officer (1976)

In 1976 he became a commissioned officer and qualified instructor in the Canadian reserve forces, and subsequently the commanding officer of the cadet corps. In this role he was responsible for all corps management, curriculum, and training with six officer/instructors and as many as 76 cadets.

Canada Training Group, Inc. (1980)

In his private life, he was an electrician and, July 1, 1980, he combined the two skill sets with his founding of Canada Training Group, Inc.

In his lifetime he has trained over 5,000 students, all in small groups, has developed hundreds of courses and over 100 instructors.

Our Stem Pedigree

Canada Training Group has a rich STEM training history having trained over 25,000 individuals in technical and engineering specialties with experience throughout North America and internationally.