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Why is Smith the most common last name in the United States??

The Smith was the original mechanical engineer, able to make, or fix, anything his village needed.
As one of the original skilled craftsmen, the Smith always had work, and money, to feed and care for his family; because of this his family thrived.
Long ago, times were very difficult, and half the children in a family died, many from malnutrition and famine. The Smith’s family, due to his stable income, always had more food so more of their children survived, leading to many, many descendants.
If you like working with both your brains, and your hands, learning a craft is an amazing way to have a wonderful professional career and provide for yourself and your family.
If you work diligently there are many crafts that you can excel in.
To start your journey, you will have to train under a Senior Craftsman, either a Master Craftsman or a Journeyman Craftsman. (They are usually men but there are tens of thousands of highly competent women who are proud of the title Master Craftsman or Journeyman Craftsman.)
This training will typically take 4 years and you will be called an Apprentice. You will start at the bottom of the ladder doing minor jobs and as you gain knowledge, skills and experience, you will earn the right to do more complex and difficult jobs. You will need to listen, pay attention and work diligently; Craftsmen are strong men and women, and they don’t like weaklings or crybabies. When you work with your hands it is easy to hurt them, so you have to learn to be careful.
In history, it was common for a child to start learning a craft at the age of 12 and by the age of 18 or 19 they were Master Craftsmen.
We have over 50 Crafts that you can review and start learning at any age.
Look at them all and find one that interests you and start learning now. You may try several before you find one that you really like. It is ok if you start one and want to change to another. When you are working at something you love you will have a very enjoyable life.
By starting your training now, it will prove to Craftsmen that you are serious, and they will be willing to make you an Apprentice and begin teaching you the skills of their Craft.
You will have a wonderful life with a high paying professional career that you love and feed your family.
This is why Smith is the most common last name in the United States!