Centuries Of Experience Services Group, Inc.


Centuries of Experience Services Group is a group of specialized US companies created by Dave Smith and his partner, Jackie Lee.

Centuries Of Leadership

Centuries Of Leadership  provides advanced leadership and management training programs for all levels within an organization. We provide cutting edge organizational development systems that will improve any organization.

Centuries of Safety

Centuries of Safety provides EHS training and Loss Control consulting programs for organizations that will keep their workers, facilities and environment safe, and ensure their systems are operating smoothly in alignment with government regulations.

Centuries of Training

Centuries of Training  provides technical training programs in electrical, mechanical and equipment operation. We offer almost 200 courses for operators, technicians, technologists and engineers.

COESG Associate Companies

Dolphin 87

Dolphin87 Assessment Systems is a competency assessment system that was created in 1987. It is a ten-phase, deep level technical analysis designed by industrial engineering experts. It has been used to exactly determine the knowledge, skills, experience and competency of several thousand technical specialists.

Harrington Technical Collegium

Harrington Technical Collegium  offers a technically advanced Electrical Test Engineer 1000-hour training program that provides engineers with knowledge, skills and competencies that are highly sought after by industry but are not taught in colleges or universities; they are only gained with field training and experience. 

Several international universities are considering using this program as the core for a masters degree in electrical engineering.


BrainCoins.me Cognitive Development Systems is a distillation of Dolphin87 custom designed for the education market.

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